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Not all fly fishing flies are created equal. Discerning anglers recognize the difference that premium materials and meticulous attention to detail can make in their success. At Serendib Flys, we hand-craft every fly with the specific needs of discerning fly fishers in mind.

Handcrafted by family, trusted by anglers

Serendib Flys, a Sri Lankan company with a rich family history, boasts a remarkable journey in the fly-fishing industry. It all began in 1985 when a chance encounter between Jim Dinnebeck from the USA and our founder, sparked by a mutual family friend, ignited a captivating challenge – establishing a successful mail-order fly-fishing business in the United States.

What We Offer

Exceptional Fly Quality

Serendib Flys prioritizes using durable materials and meticulous techniques to ensure every fly is crafted to perfection.

Unmatched Durability

Their flies are built to withstand the challenges of even the most demanding fishing conditions.

On-Time Delivery

Serendib Flys understands the importance of timely deliveries, ensuring their customers receive their flies promptly.

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we’re committed to providing exceptional customer service alongside our premium hand-tied flies.. Feel free to leave a detailed message or contact us directly. We look forward to collaborating with you!

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