Who We Are.

With a current workforce of over 100 employees, 90 per cent of them are well experienced tiers who are capable of producing flies of any pattern, whether it be Dry or Wet, Salmon or Trout, Bass or Saltwater in standard and custom patterns. We are also specialized in Big Game Tube Flies and have added two accessories namely Foam Fly Bodies & Popper Heads for those who are interested in tying their own flies, as well as Yarn & Foam Strike Indicators.


Our mission is to satisfy our customers by providing them a quality product at a reasonable price with on-time delivery.


Our fly tying operation initially got underway in Sri Lanka in 1982 with the benevolent help of Mr. Jim Dinnebeck of Lafayette, Colorado, USA who instilled Into our first five tiers his skill and knowledge in the art of fly tying. Being our mentor and the only buyer of our flies for over a period of eight years, he trained our tiers all essential techniques in fly tying that is required to make a wonderful fly. 

Unfortunately, being offered a very lucrative job in one of the biggest American companies situated in the Middle East, he moved out of the fly business. We are always thankful to his contribution towards our company at our early stages.

Our humble beginnings was in a part of our house and as we progressed and made a name for ourselves, the demand for “Serendib” flies grew steadily which enabled us to provide employment to more young people. This paved way for the construction of a factory on a piece of land owned by our family and in 1993, following its completion, we moved into our present two storeyed air conditioned factory. Two more factories were added later on in other parts of the country, enhancing our overall efficiency.